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What We Do

We deliver off campus housing solutions for private and public universities throughout the country. Our off campus housing management systems are a completely web based, no-hassle solution, branded to match your university's current website. These housing systems are absolutely free for both students and universities. In fact many universities find their off campus housing website is a great source of revenue each month. Both the university and the university's students can benefit from an off campus housing website. 

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Your Part

We request a link directly from your university's current website. Sometimes we will ask that you post flyers on your campus bulletin boards and include flyers in your university's orientation packets. Other than that, we handle all the marketing, advertisement, and management of your off campus housing website.

University Benefits

The Principle

We are experts in designing off campus housing websites tailored to fit your university's custom needs, so you don't have to spend time managing a website. Once an off campus housing system is in place, we do all the marketing necessary to make your off campus housing website successful. Many owners are looking for a better way to advertise their rental property to students and are eager to pay to advertise their properties on the university's official off campus housing site. UniversityRentalListing.com splits the proceeds with your university, and continually helps market and maintain your off campus housing website

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Our Part

We maintain the extensive system powering your off campus housing website. All the software is kept on our servers and all the payments are processed with our technology. We do everything involved in running your off campus housing website so there is no training necessary for your staff. Here are a few things we provide for each off campus housing website:

  • Fully branded and seamlessly integrated with your current website
  • Complete customer management and technical support
  • Compliance with all fair housing policies
  • Quarterly reports showing your portion of the proceeds and detailing the activity on your off campus housing website
  • The ability to export to your university newspaper or classified ads