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University Benefits: Off Campus Housing Websites

In addition to providing a valuable free service for your students, your university can benefit greatly from an off campus housing website. Not only will your university benefit financially, you will be adding a much appreciated service that your prospective students will notice.

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University Benefits
Your off campus housing website will be the best and most extensive rental website in the region. Many prospective students expect an off-campus website. Some of the benefits include:
  • We support our system 100%. We handle all calls, emails and questions.
  • Your website is branded to your university website, and looks professional.
  • No cost to the university, absolutely free
  • A portion of the gross revenue is paid to your university!
  • Completely web based, no software to install or manage
  • Provides information for students on renting and other commonly asked questions
  • No administration requirements from your university. None!
  • Short turn around, your site can be up and running in no time
  • You decide which features to enable on your website and we will accommodate you.
  • Customized to your local region
Why an Off Campus Housing Website?
  • Provides students a free and much appreciated service
  • Creates additional revenue for your university
  • Fulfills the university's need to provide rental information for students
  • Reduces the time, energy and administration of dealing with student's off campus housing needs
  • Provokes goodwill in the local community
  • Promotes university loyalty and presence for non-student renters
  • Sets your school apart from other universities
  • Creates a larger online presence for prospective students
  • Advertises your university dorms and boarding with additional photos and information (for free)
  • Ability to meet your student's needs for off-campus housing information, without the administrative requirements and maintenance costs associated with operating the website internally
  • Listing rates are less than most other advertising mediums

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