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About Your Off Campus Housing Website

Branded Site Design

Detailed Property Input

Google Maps

Easy Property Search

Tenant Tips
Within our off campus websites landlords and apartment managers can login and post their available rental residences for a fee. Students and faculty/staff of your university can post roommate ads at no charge. Students can also post housing listings at no charge.

Website users can customize their search criteria and sort listings by the following:

• Rental Rate
• Number of Rooms
• Housing Type
• Distance to campus
• Lease length
• Date available
• Smoking/non-smoking
• Handicap accessible
• Pet allowed/not allowed

All listings will be renewed automatically each month, unless the customer cancels or stops their subscription. When a subscription is canceled the listing information is stored so that at any later date a customer can login and renew/reactivate their listing. Listings are current, in real-time and available 24/7.

Customers can easily manage their properties, subscriptions and billing information from their account. Customers also have ability to review and print all past payment receipts.

Site Features
  • Large database of student housing vacancies in the area of the school
  • World-wide access to all listings via the internet
  • Detailed information about available properties, including Google Mapping of your area
  • Toll-free support line and detailed site FAQ section
  • Featured and standard listing options for landlords for increased student exposure
  • All listings are saved in our database for future access. No data re-entry required
  • Receipts available to landlord for all historical transactions
  • E-mail notifications, reminders and updates send to landlords as needed and monthly
Map-based Search
Our off campus websites have a built in map-based search. This map will show satellite imagery, and will allow the visitor to zoom, or browse properties geographically. The map featured is powered by Google Maps, the industry’s best mapping system. Map features will include both map and satellite view. When an icon is clicked on by a user they will be able to see property photos, listing details and a link to the entire listing. Property addresses are automatically plotted on the map based on their address, city and zip code.

Social Networking
The site will have the ability to share each posting on Facebook, a like button, and a ‘share this listing’ button that allows them to share the property to over 9 social mediums.

Data & Security
We take data safeguarding and confidentiality very seriously. For protection of data, passwords are not visible to a customer, nor visible to our staff. They are stored and encrypted in a way that they are not accessible to any staff. If a password reset is needed, it is completed by requesting a new password (on the website). A secure link will be automatically sent via email, and is only good for 24 hours. Once clicked, it will prompt the customer to change their password.

All data is stored and saved in a manner other than plain text. Staff and employees do not have access to card holder information, or other sensitive information.

When a phone call is received, we have a 2 point security procedure to insure we are speaking to the actual customer.

University Dorms
We understand that having the dorms fully occupied is extremely important for the financial health of a University. At no charge, official university dorms will be allowed to post their residence halls on the off campus housing website. Dorms will showcase photos, features and any other information requested by your university.

Property Search
There is no doubt that your off campus housing website will be the best and most extensive rental website in the region. Some of the innovative features include:

In addition to having the very best property search, your off campus housing website will also have extensive resources for student renters. These resources are local and customized for your university.